Mogao Caves

A window into an ancient cultural treasure of Buddhism in China. Built by Buddhist believers and the lay community in the 5th - 14th century AD near the Silk Road, the Mogao Caves embody the culmination of Chinese artistic prowess.

The caves
Birdseye View
Mogao Caves
Cliff Face Entrance
Mogao Caves
Cave 285
Mogao Caves
Cave 45
Mogao Caves
Northern Cliff View
Mogao Caves
Large Buddha Statue
Mogao Caves

The Project

Located at a crossroad of religious and cultural exchange, the caves overflow with a powerful melange of cultural and theological art, sculptures, and artifacts. Crafted with meticulous detail, the artwork within the caves join together as stories to convey Buddhist Sutras.

Our intention is to tell those exact stories as they were meant to be told. To transport the user in Virtual Reality to the remote desert in China, in the Buddhist world of the past.

Cave 285 Oculus Demo

Cave 285 Hotspot Demo

Our Team

Jefferson Fu

Junior at UIUC studying Psychology. Aspires to have a career in user experience.

George Ruan

Sophomore at UIUC studying Computer Science. Loves every aspect of being a programmer.

Blaks Zeng

Junior at UIUC studying Computer Science. Interested in graphic design.

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